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The Lord's Eucharist - Click on picture to go to how to celebrate the Eucharist St. John 21:14 This is now the third time that Jesus was manifested to his disciples, after he was risen from the dead.


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Amen. Come Lord Jesus, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all the saints.

After the Antichrist, then will come Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from heaven.

The Second Coming of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

The Parousia of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - The Return of 'Isa al-Maseeh and Qiyamah, judgment of all men, at the Resurrection.

The Antichrist comes first. We are to have nothing to do with that, even at the cost of our lives.

The Book of the Revelation, the Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle

Chapter fourteen

Of the Lamb and of the virgins that follow him.

1 And I beheld, and lo a lamb stood upon mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty-four thousand, having his name, and the name of his Father, written on their foreheads. 2 And I heard a voice from heaven, as the noise of many waters, and as the voice of great thunder; and the voice which I heard, was as the voice of harpers, harping on their harps. 3 And they sung as it were a new canticle, before the throne, and before the four living creatures, and the ancients; and no man could say the canticle, but those hundred forty-four thousand, who were purchased from the earth. 4 These are they who were not defiled with women: for they are virgins. These follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were purchased from among men, the firstfruits to God and to the Lamb: 5 And in their mouth there was found no lie; for they are without spot before the throne of God.

Of the judgments upon and the eternal damnation that shall fall upon the wicked who take the Mark of the Beast.

6 And I saw another angel flying through the midst of heaven, having the eternal gospel, to preach unto them that sit upon the earth, and over every nation, and tribe, and tongue, and people: 7 Saying with a loud voice: Fear the Lord, and give him honour, because the hour of his judgment is come; and adore ye him, that made heaven and earth, the sea, and the fountains of waters. 8 And another angel followed, saying: That great Babylon is fallen, is fallen; which made all nations to drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. 9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice: If any man shall adore the beast and his image, and receive his character in his forehead, or in his hand; 10 He also shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mingled with pure wine in the cup of his wrath, and shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the sight of the holy angels, and in the sight of the Lamb.

Monday, November 21, 2011


First, for correct Catholic doctrine and creed and faith see: The Catholic Creed

The Freemasonic allusions and corruptions of facts etc. in the below article, some of which I pointed out in my comment posted 20 December, 2010 4:27 AM are part of The Coming of the Antichrist. Freemasonry is indeed utterly Satanic evil, that is absolutely true. We must have nothing to do with it, ever, nor with anyone who is part of it.


Monday, 20 December, 2010


Nimrod, founder of Freemasonry.
Note the all-seeing eye above the tower.
The Rothschilds consider themselves
to be descendants of Nimrod.

By Noor al Haqiqa
December 19, 2010

There is a direct connection between Freemasonry and the ancient Babylonian mystery religion from which the ancient pagan religions of Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome eventually developed. It all goes back to a man named Nimrod who the Freemasons view as the true originator of their Order.

It is written that Nimrod was a great Mesopotamian king who founded the city of Babylon and established the first great empire after Noah's flood. His commissioning the creation of the Tower of Babel in direct opposition to God, a direct challenge.

Nimrod sought to turn men away from God by setting up a tyrannical government and setting up a new religion. In fact, the new religion centered around Nimrod and his mother-become-wife Semiramis. These two/three eventually evolved into Baal worship from which all the pagan religions of the Middle East and Europe later developed. Not only that, according to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: The legend of the Craft in the Old Constitutions, Nimrod is the primary founder of Masonry.

Of Nimrod, the historian Flavius Josephus wrote:
Now it was Nimrod who excited them to such an affront and contempt of God. He was the grandson of one of Noah's "most wicked" son, Ham, therefore great grandson of Noah, a bold man, and of great strength of hand. He persuaded his people not to ascribe their joys to God, as if it were through his means they were happy, but to believe that it was their own courage which procured that happiness.

He also gradually changed the government into tyranny, seeing no other way of turning men from the fear of God, but to bring them into a constant dependence on his power. He also said he would be revenged on God, if he should have a mind to drown the world again; for that he would build a tower too high for the waters to reach. And that he would avenge himself on God for destroying their forefathers.

Only a truly wicked woman would marry her son and bear him a child; only a truly wicked male would wed his mother to procreate. From this pair come many of the evils we deal with today. The uppermost levels of Freemasonry keep their memory and rituals alive even today.
Now the multitude of his populace were very ready to follow the determination of Nimrod, and to esteem it a piece of cowardice to submit to God; and they built the tower, neither sparing any pains, nor being in any degree negligent about the work: and, by reason of the multitude of hands employed in it, it grew very high, sooner than any one could expect; but the thickness of it was so great, and it was so strongly built, that thereby its great height seemed, upon the view, to be less than it really was.

It was built of burnt brick, cemented together with mortar, made of bitumen, that it might not be liable to admit water. When God saw that they acted so madly, he did not resolve to destroy them utterly, since they were not grown wiser by the destruction of the former sinners; but he caused a tumult among them, by producing in them diverse languages, and causing that, through the multitude of those languages, they should not be able to understand one another.

The Temple of Solomon

The place wherein they built the tower is now called Babylon, because of the confusion of that language which they readily understood before; for the Hebrews mean by the word Babel, confusion.

Over time, Nimrod was eventually given attributes of two archetypal cruel and persecuting kings ~ Nebuchadnezzar and Pharaoh.

In fact, even today, initiates in at least some forms of Freemasonry are still required to take the "Oath of Nimrod". The Spring 2006 issue of Freemasonry Today (a Masonic publication) tells us that the Oath of Nimrod is part of the initiation process for the "indentured apprentice"

The candidate is led into the Lodge by the Deacons, and after prayer, is investigated prior to taking the initiatory oath called the ‘Oath of Nimrod’. Nimrod, of course, is mentioned in the ‘Old Charges’ as a teacher of the Masonic craft and the architect of many great cities in Mesopotamia. The working tools are explained, the Ancient Charges (c.1663) and modes of recognition are communicated, and a pale blue cord is placed around his neck. The ceremony of closing the Assemblage is completed with prayer and a ‘seven-fold salute’ to The Most High.

In his book entitled "The Arcana of Freemasonry" Freemason scholar Albert Churchwood traces the origins and development of Freemasonry from ancient Egypt to the present day. In the book Churchwood actually includes the text of the "Oath of Nimrod" which new initiates must take:

Oath of Nimrod Apprentice Degree (1st)
I, _______, do in the presence of El Shaddai and of this Worshipful Assembly of Free Masons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Paviors, Plasterers and Bricklayers, promise and declare that I will not at any time hereafter, by any act or circumstance whatsoever, directly or indirectly, write, print, cut, mark, publish, discover, reveal, or make known, any part or parts of the Trade secrets, privileges, or counsels of the Worshipful Fraternity or Fellowship of Free Masonry, which I may have known at any time, or at any time hereafter shall be made known unto me.

The penalty for breaking this great oath shall be the loss of my life.

That I shall be branded with the mark of the Traitor and slain according to ancient custom by being throttled, that my body shall be buried in the rough sands of the sea a cable’s length from the shore where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in the twenty-four hours, so that my soul shall have no rest by night or by day
(Candidate Signs the O.B.)
While some Freemason apologists attempt to play down the influence of Nimrod on modern Masonry, the truth is that it is still very much there. At the Islamic Party of Britain's website we discover a very open letter concerning Nimrod's influence.
"Indeed the allegory of the Tower of Babel is yet another corruption of a similar theme from the Saracen Mysteries... medieval witches and English Freemasons substituted 'Nimrod' for the name of Lucifer.

Nimrod is a generic term for the struggle of the 'indwelling god' who would aspire to Heaven. Lucifer as the informing entity in humankind can be equated with Nimrod...

Most Freemasons would be startled to learn that Nimrod and the Tower of Babel were [originally] one of the pivots of the (Masonic) Craft legend... our first most excellent Grand Master is declared to be King Nimrod himself, the builder of that [in]famous Tower and it was he, not King Solomon, who is said to have given the operative Masons of his day their first 'Charge'." ~ A letter written to Mr. John Hamill, Curator and Librarian, United Grand Lodge of England from David Musa Pidcock, 1996

"The universal sentiment of the Freemasons of the present day is to confer upon Solomon, the King of Israel, the honor of being their first Grand Master.

But the legend of the Craft had long before, though there was a tradition of the Temple in existence, given, at least by suggestion, that title to Nimrod, the King of Babylonia and Assyria. It had credited the first organization of the fraternity of craftsmen to him, in saying that he gave a charge to the workmen whom he sent to assist the King of Nineveh in building his cities.

That is to say, he framed for them a Constitution, and, in the words of the legend, this was the first time that ever Masons had any charge of his science. It was the first time that the Craft was organized into a fraternity working under a Constitution of body of laws. As Nimrod was the autocratic maker of these laws, it necessarily resulted that their first legislator, creating laws with his unlimited and absolute governing power, was also their first Grand Master."

The truth is that Freemasonry has always very closely identified itself with the first great post-flood rebel against God. Nimrod was a tyrant and a purveyor of false religion. Elements of the religious system which Nimrod helped establish can be found in virtually every major world religion. Some of our most cherished "holiday traditions" can be directly traced back to ancient Babylon and to Nimrod. Once you learn to identify the elements of the ancient Babylonian mystery religion, you quickly recognize that they are virtually everywhere in the modern world.

From the very moment that initiates take the "Oath of Nimrod", Masons are plunged into a very powerful dark world based on the ancient Babylonian mystery religion. The truth is that Freemasonry does not have anything to do with the God of the Bible.

Instead, it has everything to do with the "New World Order" that Nimrod originally wanted and that Lucifer is still attempting to bring into existence today.


The Cable-Tow ~ The Cremation Of Care

The Hiramic Legend ~ David Icke Forum

What, then, is Freemasonry? ~ By David Musa Pidcock


Steve in Vista said...
The actual Tower of Babel is Tell El Obeid today (nothing but the very bottom base ruin left. Babylon was built much later and is 135 miles to the northwest by west). Both were destroyed by God's wrath. Nimrod and Abraham were not contemporaries. That is a pagan corruption injected later than actual history. Abraham was indeed told by God to leave Ur of the Chaldees and all of its pagan religion. The supposed influence of Nimrod and Babylonian paganism on Christian feast days, and especially baptism, is a post medieval Protestant supposition concocted mostly by Judaizing influences, many of whom were Masonic as well. Not true. Judaizing influences, especially through the iconoclastic Protestants, were always the enemy of the Christian faith and sought to destroy it. They tried to corrupt the faith through the centuries in many ways, even well before the appearance of Protestants, many of whom are sincere Christians. In fact, when one reads the Gospel of John, they even tried to corrupt the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. They, of course, failed in that attempt. John 6:15 'Jesus therefore, when he knew that they would come to take him by force, and make him king, fled again into the mountain himself alone.' Christmas is the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ and has nothing to do with Babylonian anything. To all of good will, a most blessed and sacred Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
20 December, 2010 4:27 AM

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